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It is widely recognised that for a significant sense of wellbeing it is vital to engage with 4 aspects of life:

  • Physical health
  • Mental and emotional stress
  • Meaning and purpose in daily life
  • An authentic sense of Self

Our retreats are structured; the time is spent in equal measure with others and with your self, in guided time and free time.

We work in small groups as well as offering individual coaching time.

The days are spent in a healthy, uplifting environment, where the body is cared for, the mind is settled and your inner self is strengthened. We balance focus on the body, the mind, the emotions and our spirit.

We blend outstanding approaches from psychology and spiritual traditions, bringing together years of guiding people from all walks of life.

On our retreats, we:

  • Enhance vitality with yoga and pilates based exercises
  • Find clarity in relation to specific questions and dilemmas
  • Release limiting emotions
  • Teach and practise a rare and exceptional form of meditation
  • Share life experiences
  • Get re-inspired by connecting to the Remarkable in various forms

Our entry-level Foundation Retreat is for those who have not previously done any weekend work with us in previous years.


Intermediate Retreats are for people who have done at least one weekend with any of us in previous years.


These Advanced Retreats are offered through the year, by invitation to those who have done a Foundation Retreat.



Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level retreats specially designed for 18-24 year olds.