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The three of us have been very engaged since the beginning of the year with leading retreats and programmes; continuing to open the door to the Remarkable in all its guises for curious travellers in several different contexts.

Now, each of us is pausing as Easter approaches with its time for renewal: each preparing our Self to offer all we can to you in our full programme of retreats. 

As we each sit in our moments of quiet and stillness, we have been reminded how quickly we get so immersed in life that we forget ourselves, and how the brilliance of our light and love gets dimmed from lack of time attending to it.  We hope that you too are also taking this time to pause, to connect with what sources you: nature, family, friends, community, practices.

In this pause, we wish to place our invitation to you to recognise the Remarkable in you, in others and in this world where we walk together.  Our invitation is to join us at a retreat or in a Zoom gathering and take some time to remember your Self, and to experience the brilliance that may be dimmed in you at this time.

We have scheduled several retreats and you can see the details by going to Events Schedules in the main menu. In addition we have a membership scheme so that you can regularly attend online practise meditation and support sessions with us.  Membership is open to anyone who has done a retreat with us, and it is a cost effective way of continuing your practice with expert guidance as you engage with your day to day life. 

For £10 a month you will be able to join regular online calls, lead by one of us, as well as have access to online resources including specially recorded meditations. As well as the support this offers, we have found that members very much appreciate being in regular contact with a community of practice, as well as with each of us.  If you have yet to sign up you can take the next step by going to Subscribe in the main menu.

In the meantime we wish you a restorative and peaceful Easter.

Pascale, Darren and Louise