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If you asked a random sample of people what it is that they experience on a Remarkable Retreat, my guess is that they would express in some form or another, a profound connectedness with themselves, and that which sources them.

This sense of mystery is certainly my own experience, whether I am part of the group on a Remarkable Retreat or whether I am one of the teachers.  I wonder though if this is solely dependent on a number of factors being present; including being in a beautiful environment, having the time and space to reflect deeply, and having expert guidance in meditation and other practices.

I would say that yes all these factors are key, and indeed why, amongst other things, we choose the settings for our retreats as carefully as we do. And yet surely we don’t need a retreat in order to reach this state of consciousness?  Aren’t we at every moment able to self-remember, and in so doing ‘plug into’ all that is around?  Well this is what I aspire to and there is no doubt that the Remarkable is on tap, irrespective of where I am (in all senses).

Regular times of retreat  however most certainly give me the permission to focus on what I call, ‘coming back home’, so that I can not only enjoy the gifts of the retreat itself, but perhaps even more importantly, go back to my day-to-day life with a greater capacity to live with a higher consciousness.

If you have been a participant at one of our retreats, and you would like to share your own experience, please do add your voice to this post!

Louise Smith