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I can't remember what the weather was like, nor the sounds or the smells of that summer's day. The week had been much wanted and anticipated. In the midst of the pandemic we had kept our ears on the news, and hope in our hearts for it to happen.

The Asha Centre is special, magical even, whatever the weather. Nestled in the bowl of a valley of the greenest farmlands and the ancient Forest of Dean.  Our home for the week is a collection of stone cottages that rise from the same place as the roses that envelop them, sitting on the smallholding that provides food for our tables tended by young hands from all over the globe.

sign at ASHA Centre

One of the joys of the past couple of months has been cycling to work on quiet country lanes and noticing the signs of spring at close quarters, watching the progression of the year unfold. When the lockdown began daffodils were out in the hedgerows, which gradually gave way to dandelions, then red campion, cow parsley, and red clover. The ever changing display has been a delight and a thrill. It got me wondering about the timings of the natural world, and why some flowers bloom earlier, and some later, and why some birds breed sooner than others.

The three of us have been very engaged since the beginning of the year with leading retreats and programmes; continuing to open the door to the Remarkable in all its guises for curious travellers in several different contexts.

Emma Kunz

Emma Kunz Exhibition Serpentine Gallery London

We met under the lush foliage of a multitude of trees in Kensington Park, on a quiet Sunday morning. Stillness and Quiet had their abode in the early hours before Activity took hold in the midst of London.

The outer environment reflected the peaceful atmosphere of the inner space that was home to Emma Kunz’s unusual geometric forms for this short time.

Pink rose image

If you asked a random sample of people what it is that they experience on a Remarkable Retreat, my guess is that they would express in some form or another, a profound connectedness with themselves, and that which sources them.