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Pascale Ascher, Director at Remarkable Retreats

Pascale’s early career was as a psychotherapist with people at all stages of their lives – teenagers embarking into life, single people searching for meaningful relationships and people looking for purposeful careers and partnerships with intimacy, cooperation and compatibility.

Her particular gift with working with leaders and teams led to coaching, training and guiding leaders and managers for almost 20 years.

Pascale has been very fortunate to be in the direct lineage of exceptional psychological and spiritual teachers and teachings of the 20th century such as Victor Frankl, Albert Ellis and Alan Watts.  In addition, she is one of the few teachers of the Way of Recognition - a rare and powerful meditative practise from 10th Century Kashmir.

Pascale has travelled since her birth in Vietnam, living in several continents. She has a special affinity for India, where she lived for several years. She has a passion for music, art and poetry, walking in the Alps and swimming in the sea. She is most content living in London with her teenage daughter.