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Louise Smith, Director at Remarkable Retreats

Louise Smith is an outstanding educator of 35 years standing, having worked with people of all ages in both public and corporate arenas.  She currently works as a trainer and coach with groups and individuals in the UK, Ireland, continental Europe, South Africa and the US.

She is recognised for bringing unique talents to her chosen specialism of experiential learning, and most notably for being able to listen to and recognise unreservedly people’s deepest wants and needs.

As well as being a qualified and experienced teacher, teacher trainer and coach Louise was the CEO of the UK organisation The Collections Trust, and envisioned and sourced both the 24 Hour Museum and the European Museums Information Institute.

A self-confessed Italophile, Louise now divides her time between London where she was born and brought up, and Otricoli, a hill-top village in southern Umbria.  In both places she is able to give full rein to her love of art and culture.

"I am fascinated by how we live our lives at our creative best, and love being alongside people who want to remember who they truly are at core. I enjoy listening deeply to what it is people are facing day-to-day, and to what it is they truly seek. And all this whilst being open to that which is seeking us."